Seas and Sharks

Monsoon Season

Water of a duck's back

A chance meeting between Thane and Zahuul occurred in a shop in junktown called Sammy's place. The assistant manager, Ass. Man Yugi, had a job that needed done, and was willing to pay. The sound of coin struck Thane, and Zahuul was interested in Yugi's promises to provide her information on the other members of her sect. The two paired up, negotiating with Yugi the rental of the shop's ship, The Ardent Skull, a small, single masted ship with a skull hanging from the bowsprit, over a game of cards. The result saw Yugi banished to the shadow realm, and a free deck of playing cards for both Zahuul and Thane.

The two followed Yugi's map to the isle of monsoon, where rumors of ruins formerly belonging to the Red Queen lay. After a struggle making it through a heavy storm in the midst of monsoon season, the two miraculously found themselves safely ashore.

After examining the beach and finding the ruins of a camp and another ship smashed upon the shore, they searched the jungles nearby, eventually finding an elevated stone path. They journeyed the path, which led them to a temple and the sight of a chain smoking goblin standing outside. Thane attempted to camouflage himself with mud and approached goblin. The conversed briefly, before the goblin attacked, and was quickly struck down by Thane's mace and Zahuul's eldritch blasts. Journeying in, they found goblins, some alive and some dead, in a room below, attempting to activate a device. They watched as the goblin who activate a statue of a whale become drowned as the chamber flooded.

The remaining goblin swore and journeyed up the stairs, where Thane lie in wait. Thane attacked, and the two grappled before tumbling down the stairs, where Thane took several stab wounds to the face as the goblin landed on top. With some eldritch blasts and quick footwork by Thane, the two succeeded. They chose to activate another statue after some investigation, the duck, and watched as water rolled off its back and into a pool, which activated a door leading to another chamber.

Thane elected to investigate as Zahuul stayed behind. The doors slammed shut behind them, and the object of their quest, an orb mounted opposite the room, above a long desk with four chairs announced, "The time has come… for you to lipsync… for your life!"

Thane performed his heart out, and the the orb announced, "Shantay, you stay," and went dim. Thane reclaimed the orb and returned to Zahuul. They went to their ship, only to find a blond haired woman attempting to cast off.

They spoke, and the woman revealed herself to be Ash. She carried some musical instruments, and a bejeweled but empty silver sword scabbard on her back. She professed to have no knowledge of anything, stating she only remembered waking up on the beach. The two begrudgingly offered to take her with them to Junktown after she healed Thane's wounds. While preparing to depart, Ash sang a song that was at once familiar but unplaceable to the pair. While listening to it, the scene in front of them disappeared as if an illusion, revealing several people reclining on the shore in beach chair under umbrellas, being served drinks by snappily dressed waitstaff. It was as if the beach, previously strewn with debris, had become a popular destination resort. When Ash stopped singing, the scene disappeared, and she was unable to say where she learned the song, and seemed to be unaware of the scene Thane and Zahuul both saw. 

The trio sailed back to the city without incident.



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